Thai festivals you shouldn't miss! Most festivals depend on the lunar calendar, so the date varies from year to year. Verify the right dates with for example the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

King Narai Festival | งานแผ่นดินสมเด็จพระนารายณ์มหาราช

The annual festival in Lopburi is named after King Narai, one of the great kings of Ayuthaya, who made Lopburi the second capital of Thailand about 350 years ago. The festival is held in his old palace, Phra Narai Ratchanivet Palace. The local people dress up in old costumes, displaying old crafts like fruit carving and weaving, demonstrating traditional sports with swords and sticks, selling traditional food and snacks and playing children's games and theatre. A good way to get to know the traditional ways of Thailand. [February, Lopburi] More photos

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