Thai festivals you shouldn't miss! Most festivals depend on the lunar calendar, so the date varies from year to year. Verify the right dates with for example the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Chinese New Year | ตรุดจีน

Around 10% of the Thai population is Chinese or has a Chinese background, so the Chinese new year is celebrated extensively. During the day one can for example enjoy the famous lion dance, performed by 2 men in a lion suit, doing all kinds of acrobatics and visiting Chinese shops to get the money that the owners of those shops stuck on the roof. Performances all over the place, a big market in Chinatown and a lot of fireworks too. [January/February] More photos • Video

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Ouahhh beautiful video , I'm sorry I don't speak english very well. I like your blog , I find Thailand is an attractive country. What's your nationality ? me I'm french
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