Thai festivals you shouldn't miss! Most festivals depend on the lunar calendar, so the date varies from year to year. Verify the right dates with for example the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Temple Fairs | งานวัด

Thai winter is the best season for temple fairs. The most famous fairs in and around Bangkok are the fairs at the Golden Mountain and the Paknam fair.

Best attractions at the Golden Mount are things like the Siamese twins, the woman without body, the mermaid, the small Ferris wheels and the shooting gallery, were you can shoot a stuffed monkey that begins to sing and dance as you hit its button. Most popular is "girl falling in the water" (สาวน้อยตกน้ำ). She sits on a shelf, and if you hit the handle with a ball, the lady will fall in the water. Video

The 9-day Paknam Fair starts of with a religious ceremony involving wrapping a new piece of red cloth around the chedi marks the opening of the fair. Main roads are blocked for traffic, a giant market and fair are set up. Most exciting attraction is the "wall of death", a guy riding a motorcycle and driving a little car inside a big wooden barrel, interesting was the booth with Siamese twins and a little mermaid, but of course regular attractions like a ferris wheel and shooting are also available. [From mid October onwards] More photosVideo

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