Thai festivals you shouldn't miss! Most festivals depend on the lunar calendar, so the date varies from year to year. Verify the right dates with for example the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

HM the King's Birthday

In government offices, companies and private houses, everywhere you will find decorations in honour of HM the King's birthday. In Bangkok, during the day you can enjoy all kinds of performances and good food. In the afternoon around the royal palace, there is a parade, consisting of representatives of all groups in the population (e.g. Chinese, Sikhs, rich people, military). Just before 8 in the evening, people meet in front of the royal palace at Sanam Luang, light a candle and sing the King a birthday song (he is not necessarily home at that time). This is followed by a lot of fireworks and more performances, usually including 'luuk thung', traditional Thai country music. [5 December] Video

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